Hello world First Known Code

A long time has passed since 1972 and Brian Kernigham‘s  “Introduction to Language B” book which featured the widely acknowledged first known “hello world” test phrase used in a computer program*.

“External variables may be initialized to string values simply by following their names by strings, exactly as for other constants. These definitions initialize a, b, and three elements of v:

a “hello”; b “world’*; v[2] “now is the time”, “for all good men”, “to come to the aid of the party”;

Although, programming today takes much more into account. And when it comes to web development, the tech stack that your website / app is running is essential.

“Wait, what? Web Development? Are there still programs that are not in the web?” – the millennial asked.

Hello World
Hello World “inventor” Brian Kernighan at the Univ. of Maryland (1982).


Little that he knows…



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