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Marcio's Log
Marcio's Log
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Welcome to my log…

As a Software Analyst, I’m currently working on an international project with a diverse and high-performing team. My focus is on PHP and JavaScript programming, using the Yii Framework for both front-end and back-end development.

My daily routine is immersed in the agile culture and methodology, collaborating as a team using tools such as Slack, Git, Google Stack, and Jira. Daily meetings, conversations, discussions, and presentations are all conducted in English with the client.

I recently earned my AWS – Cloud Practitioner certification, further expanding my skills and knowledge in AWS cloud architecture and service management.

In my professional history, I have accumulated experiences with WordPress, WooCommerce, Nginx, Apache Httpd, server configuration and optimization, as well as Reverse Proxy. I also have experience in E-Commerce, and in developing JavaScript mobile applications with EmberJS and Cordova. A highlight is an application that I have published both on the App Store and Google Play, in addition to various system integrations.

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