Techs & Credits

Hey there. I’m currently using the following tech stack:

  • Digital Ocean
  • Ubuntu 20
  • Nginx with Apache as reverse proxy and cache enabled
  • PHP Opcache with Docket Cache
  • Cloudflare’s CDN
  • WordPress
  • Deep Free Theme

I chose this server stack because it’s the best configuration for a large wordpress production website. I needed to learn this stack and get it working for a previous project: a woocommerce store with 17k+ products updated daily. The site had lots of categories and the home page was made of 24 caroussels featuring best selling itens, sale itens and 22 categories – a very heavy home page.

You will learn more about this project and what made me write about it on the next posts. Hopefully you’ll follow and read them because learning this stack for WordPress is definitely worth it as it’s for sure needed for a professional heavy WP / WC website.

So, a big thanks to WordPress, Apache, Nginx, Ubuntu, Cloudflare, Deep Theme and so many others… =]

See you on the next post!